Tesla Model 3 Entry-level version

Tesla Model 3 Entry level version

Tesla’s Model 3 will also launch a more entry-level version, the price is lower?
The American electric car brand Tesla continues to expand its brand front. In addition to the entry-level Tesla’s Model 3 car series has become the main brand sales force, the new Tesla Model Y entry-level SUV models will also be launched in markets around the world. However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk still said that Tesla should launch a more affordable entry-level civilian electric car model, and this model may be the first hatchback of the Tesla brand.
Although Tesla CEO Elon Musk did not disclose more details of this new model, according to overseas media reports, in addition to focusing on the European market, the market’s main opponent target is Volkswagen’s Announced VW ID.3 pure electric hatchback and Peugeot e-208 electric car. This model may be based on the current Model 3. In addition to changing the appearance configuration settings of the hatchback model, the original factory will also use Tesla’s new vehicle design process to further reduce production costs, making this This new hatchback product will be more competitive in the European market in the future.

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However, in addition to the reduction in vehicle production costs, this new hatchback product still needs to be reduced in battery capacity, driving range and performance, in order to make the price of its new car have a similar performance close to the Volkswagen ID.3, but about The naming method of this car has not yet been confirmed, and the new car may be produced in the Tesla Gigafactory in Germany.

As our thought, Tesla company would like to build up their company as Apple Iphone. It would make everyone have one. Because Tesla EVs will be more and more smart and intelligentized.

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