Tesla’s fourth mainstream model Model Y unveiled at the Los Angeles Design Center

Tesla's fourth mainstream model Model Y unveiled at the Los Angeles Design Center

Tesla’s fourth mainstream model, Model Y, was unveiled by its CEO Elon Musk at the Los Angeles Design Center. He confirmed that the cross-border electric vehicle has a range of approximately 480 kilometers under its highest specifications. The Y model uses the design inspiration of the Model 3 sedan and Model X SUV, with a glass panoramic roof and an optional 7-seater layout. It does not retain the gull-wing doors on the more expensive Model X, but uses pillarless doors such as Model 3 and Model S. The crossover point is 10% larger than Model 3 because it shares the same platform with Model 3 and has a larger span. Accounted for 75% of the components. Musk said that the...

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Tesla Charging or Changing the battery?

Tesla Charging or Changing the battery

Mileage anxiety and energy supplementation have always been the biggest pain points of new energy vehicles. The battle between battery replacement and charging continues.At present, most new energy vehicles use charging piles to supplement energy, and most car companies such as Tesla, BYD, and Xiaopeng follow this model. Among them, some car companies represented by Tesla have extensively deployed super charging piles (compared to traditional charging piles, the charging efficiency is more than twice as high). According to the latest news from Tesla, the number of super charging piles in mainland China has officially exceeded There are 6000 super charging stations and more than 760 super charging stations, covering more than 300 cities, basically realizing the coverage of major cities...

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